Armenia has recorded a rise in the Getting Electricity indicator of 49 points

02 Nov 2018

2019 Doing Business Report for "Getting Electricity" ranking shows 49 point rise.

The 2019 World Bank Doing Business report has shown a 49-point ranking increase for the Republic of Armenia in relation to the "Getting Electricity" indicator.

In the Ease of Doing Business report, the Republic of Armenia improved its position by 6 points from 47th to 41.

The Doing Business report classifies countries according to different categories due to the availability of business creation and establishment procedures.

It is important to note that Armenia recorded an unprecedented rise of 49 points in the "Getting Electricity" report for Ease of Doing Business to the 17th position, up from 66th from the previous year.

Growth rate indicators are conditioned through sector policy coordination and development from the Ministry of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources, policies of Public Services Regulatory Commission, effective public-private dialogue and in particular, the efforts and services provided by the "Electric Networks of Armenia" CJSC, as well as simplification of procedures and time frame reduction.

Data used for preparation of the 2019 Doing Business report was compiled and analyzed from May 2017 to May 2018.

For comparison, the Doing Business "Getting Electricity" report showed Armenia was ranked at the 131st position in 2013 which shows improvement of 114 points over the last 5 years.