Armenia switches to electric cars

19 Feb 2020

Our goal is to expand our network of charging stations, including communities and interstate highways.

In an exclusive interview with Environment Minister Eric Grigoryan, we have identified two points directly related to the activities of the Armenian Energy Agency Foundation:

  • Opinion on the development of electromobility transport and on creating a network of charging stations ( is designed to solve these issues)
  • Development and implementation of solar energy development projects

Today's situation:

Legislation on electric cars in force in the second half of 2019 exempts imported electric cars from VAT which brings a huge difference comparing the import figures of electric vehicles of the same period of 2018. In 2018 only one car, but in 2019 it is already 150 cars.

We are proud to note that in 2019, within the project implemented by the Armenian Energy Agency, completely free charging stations were installed in the regions. Today there are already dealers who are officially importing only electric vehicles. The manufacturing of these cars contains more innovation and technology than machinery.

The Government of Armenia will switch to using electric vehicles in the nearest future. The project will be implemented through environmental grant funds provided by the Global Environment Fund.

The Ministre of Environment wants to see Armenia as a country producing electric cars and an active participant in the Global Electric Mobility Global Program. It is also envisaged to have more EV charging stations so that drivers of electric cars have been able to move around the whole territory of Armenia and hope that Armenia will also be able to become a country with the capacity of assembling and at a certain stage also manufacturing electric vehicles. 

The specialists involved in the program are currently working to expand the network of charging stations as soon as possible, including as many communities and interstate highways as possible.