A network of electric vehicle charging stations will be installed in Armenia

07 Dec 2018

The Plug.am project has launched: a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will be installed in 2019. The infrastructure development will boost the EV market in Armenia.

The "Armenia Energy Agency" foundation has launched the Plug.am project with financing from the UNDP GEF Small Grants Program.

The main objective of the project is to develop infrastructure for electric car charging stations and boost the market development in Armenia. The plan is to set up a network of 23 units of 7-22kW second level charging stations in Armenia.

One of the project goals is to contribute to the global challenges of reducing CO2 emissions and adhere to the obligations made by the Republic of Armenia under the Paris Agreement. Annual average of reduced CO2 emissions can be of 4.6 tons per vehicle.

The "Armenian Energy Agency" Foundation attaches great importance and will support the Government's steps in the legislative field, encouraging quantitative growth of electric vehicles.

The objectives of Plug.am are in line with the priorities of the Armenian government, which is proof of the Ministries positive assessments and readiness to support:
Ministry of Nature Protection;
Ministry of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources;
Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development;
Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies:
Ministry of Economic Development and Investments:

Lack of infrastructure availability as well as relevant PR campaigns and information flow is one of the most serious challenges to the sustainable development of the sector. Plug.am aims to install and develop infrastructures, carry out awareness raising and capacity building campaigns.