Progress in Solar Energy of RA, 1st semester, 2019

15 Aug 2019

Semi-Annual Summary for Armenia's Solar Energy Sector

 Autonomous energy producers

As of the first half of 2019, the total number of solar power plants with up to 5 MW of installed capacity reached 10, with total capacity of about 8 MW, and the number of wind power plants reached 3, with a total installed capacity of about 2.9 MW.

Solar thermal energy

“Energy Efficiency” credit program launched in August 2017 in the non-gasified communities of Armenia in the framework of which R2E2 has approved credit for installation of 2685 solar water heaters and 115 solar photovoltaic systems as of 30.06.2019. The loan amount is about AMD 1236.7 million.

Masrik-1 Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

With the goal of solar energy development, the construction of Masrik-1 industrial-scale solar photovoltaic power plant with a peak power of 55 MW launched in Masrik community of Gegharkunik region. In 2018, “FRV MASRIK” CJSC received their electricity production license, and the volume of investment was estimated at about $ 58 million.

By the RA Government Decision No. 326-L as of March 29, 2019, additional 32,6591 hectares of agricultural land will be sold within the community administrative area within the framework of state-community-private partnerships.

According to the RA Government Decision N 507-Ն of May 2, 2019, the financing deadline in the Government Assistance Agreement with «FRV Masrik» CJSC signed in July 28, 2018, has been extended.

A draft Government Decision on recognizing exclusive public interest in certain territories within the administrative boundaries of Gegharkunik region as part of the “Masrik-1" solar PV power plant investment project has been developed and proposed. The draft has been sent to the RA Ministry of Justice for state-legal expertise.