News and Events

The Electric Vehicles market shows significant growth

09 Oct 2018

In 2017 alone, global sales volume reached 1.2 million, a 58% increase from the previous year.

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DigiTec Expo 2018 annual exhibition has begun

05 Oct 2018

From October 5th to October 7th, 2018, the Mergelyan Institute in Yerevan, Armenia will host to the DigiTec2018 technology exhibition.

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Certificate awarded to Hayk Harutyunyan by the U.S. Government

01 Oct 2018

Hayk Harutyunyan has successfully completed the leadership training and professional development Distinguished Humphrey Leadership Program.

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Armenia's hydropower investment potential was discussed

27 Sep 2018

Discussions related to innovative solutions and investment opportunities in the hydropower sector were held between AEA and the US Department of Energy.

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Ararat region frontier villages have been Led-ified

18 Aug 2018

Frontier communities of Paruyr Sevak, Tigranashen and Yeraskh in the Ararat region were provided LED lamps within the framework of the "Bright Border” project

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AEA and OPIC will collaborate on investment projects

28 Sep 2018

Questions related to potential cooperation between the Armenian Energy Agency and OPIC on investment projects in the energy sector were discussed during the meeting.

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