News and Events

Progress in Solar Energy of RA, 1st semester, 2019

15 Aug 2019

Semi-Annual Summary for Armenia's Solar Energy Sector

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Sevan Startup Summit 2019 Ends

04 Aug 2019

Armenian Energy Agency Foundation actively participated in Sevan Startup Summit 2019.

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Energy Efficient Public Property - A Possibility

25 Jul 2019

The draft Law establishes mandatory energy efficiency criteria for some energy-consuming products purchased for state needs.

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"Armenian Energy Agency" foundation at Sevan Startup Summit 2019

28 Jul 2019

Sevan Startup Summit 2019 starts

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31 May 2019

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Europe Days 2019 in Dilijan

18 May 2019

The "Armenian Energy Agency" introduced the "Bright Border" charity project at the Europe Day.

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