«Agrivoltaic as an Innovative Approach to Agriculture» project

Date: 29-02-2024 - 30-09-2024

External actions of the European Union within the framework of the "Alliance for Better City Governance" (ABC.Gov) project, the AEA, and the Vanadzor Municipality launched the "Agrivoltaic as an Innovative Approach to Agriculture" project.
Within the framework of the project, a 15 kW agrivoltaic solar station will be the first pilot project in Armenia and will serve as a model for others to implement.
The Project delivers a new approach to agriculture and Photovoltaics as one unique component. The project covers the activities directed to implementing SDG 2 and SDG 7, i.e. Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. Besides, the project aims to meet the objectives of the EU Green Deal, i.e. Clean energy, environment protection, and reduction of CO2.

A pilot project will be implemented at the Sports School in Gyumri. It is planned to construct a 15 kW PV plant with vegetables and fruit trees under it. The cultivated products will be passed to the nearest kindergarten for daily cooking. The energy produced from the PV plant will be used for the needs of the Sports School and the money saved from the electricity payments will be directed to other needs of the School.

The project's Second Component is training to be held in Gyumri and Vanadzor on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and Legal framework for Environmental and Climate issues. The training will be held for the community-based entities and CSO with the involvement of 320 participants 160 in each community. 

The project is implemented within the framework of External actions of the European Union the "Alliance for Better City Governance" (ABC.Gov) project.