"Bright Border" charity project

Date: 01-11-2016 - 01-11-2019

"Bright Border" is a capital investment project whose goal is to inform the inhabitants of frontier communities in Armenia and Artsakh about the ability to save on monthly electric bills through affordable, energy-efficient LED-lamps.

"Bright Border" was launched on November 2016 as a volunteer-social initiative. Since June 2018, this charity program has been coordinated by the Armenian Energy Agency.

Communities were selected in accordance with the RA Government Decision from January 15, 2015, N 30-N "On Approval for the List of Border Communities with Lands Not Useable as a Result of Combat Operations and whose Activities are Tax Exempt".



More than 6,600 families from 30 border villages have already received around 33,000 high quality, laboratory tested LED lamps with a three-year service warranty. On average, annual energy savings within these 30 communities total over 4.3 million kWh (195 million drams).

The project became possible thanks to generous donations from a number of individuals and organizations. The "Electric Networks of Armenia" CJSC is among the largest donors and one of the chief sponsors of the project:

- 10,845 LED lamps,

- 2.169 LEDified families,

- 10,300,000 AMD donated,

- about 47,906,657 AMD annual utility cost savings forecast (1.065.065 kWh saved electricity.).

Any individual or organization may participate in the charity program. The Armenian Energy Agency is willing to discuss proposals and ideas with stakeholders to develop the program.