Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is one of the most important components of Armenia’s energy independence. 

ANPP N2 power plant with a 407.5 MW capacity is currently operational. In 2017, according to a "Settlement Centre" CJSC report, ANPP CJSC supplied 2,411 mln kWh of electricity which constitutes 32.54% of the Republic of Armenia's energy production.



In September 1966, the USSR Council of Ministers decided to construct a nuclear power plant in Armenia. The plant’s construction began in the 1970s. Consisting of two VVER-440 model reactors, the ANPP’s initial capacity was limited to 815 MW with a capacity of 407.5MW for each power unit.

In April 1993 the Government of Armenia decided to resume operations at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant. On November 5, 1995, the operation of the ANPP N2 power unit (407.5 MW) resumed.

In accordance with a 2015 decision by the government of the Republic of Armenia, work has begun to extend the life of the plant.  

Currently activities aimed at justification and extension of the service life till 2026 are being implemented.


Operational Data


ANPP Operational Data for August, 2018

Technical and Economical Indicators

Meas. Units



Average Monthly Electrical Load




Per output per month


155 671 362