Awareness campaign for energy efficiency programs

Date: 16-11-2018 - 16-04-2019

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy sectors in Armenia are currently developing at a stable rate. Government, donor and private sector cooperation with financial institutions has created numerous financial tools for reducing energy poverty within communities.

Energy poverty in Armenia's communities has lead to low levels in quality of life and hinders sustainable development. Moreover, there is a lack of awareness of existing programs and financial instruments that are hampered by the implementation of energy efficiency measures among local self-government bodies and private companies.
The main objective of the project is to increase the level of awareness in targeted communities and to apply innovative solutions through modern energy savings and solar technologies.
  1. Stable dialogue and feedback on combating public-private sector "energy poverty"
  2. Creating pre-conditions for the formation of 10 "green communities";
  3. 10 communities, 10 projects, 10 SMEs and non-governmental organizations have carried out specific events for implementing the project
  4. Interest by 30 separate communities with further steps to be taken for development