Educational-entertaining event in National Polytechnic University of Armenia dedicated to The Day of Nuclear Technologies

26 Oct 2019

Armenian students got acquainted with nuclear technologies

The Day of Nuclear Technology On October 25 students of Armenia got acquainted with the security and application of modern nuclear technologies in various fields (energy, medicine, industry, agriculture).

The Day of Nuclear Technologies passed in a lively format  with intellectual competitions. All participants were able to compete with each other in competitions and quizzes on atomic issues, as well as getting X-ray images.

Experts from Armenia, Russia and Belarus emphasized that nuclear technologies today are used not only in energy, but also in medicine, industry, agriculture and other fields, improving the quality of people’s life. Nuclear technologies can purify water, disinfect medical devices and equipment, increase productivity, extend product shelf life, improve diagnostics and treatment of oncological, heart and nerve diseases.

Ministry representatives, experts, staff of universities, representatives of youth organizations and research institutes attended the event. Artem Petrosyan, an employee of the “Armenian energy agency” foundation, an expert in the field of atomic energy, made a speech during the event.

The event was organized by “Rosatom” State Corporation and National Polytechnic University of Armenia with the support of Russian Center for Science and Culture in Yerevan.