Hydropower has historically been one of Armenia’s main resources for electricity production.  At present, the total capacity of Armenia's hydropower stations is 1324.4 MW.


Two major hydropower plants (HPPs).   

1. Sevan-Hrazdan cascade- "RusHydro" JSC

Installed capacity - 560 MW

Produced electricity in 2017 - 454.929.604 kWh ("Settlement Centre" CJSC report)

Sevan-Hrazdan HPPs Cascade includes 7 HPPs: Sevan's (34 MW), Hrazdan's (81 MW), Argel's (224 MW), Arzni's (70 MW), Kanaker’s (102 MW), Yerevan-1 (44 MW) and Yerevan-3 (5 MW) HPPs. The HPPs are placed on the Hrazdan River and at presently use irrigation water flow from Lake Sevan and stream water from the Hrazdan River.

2. Vorotan cascade- "Contour Global Hydro Cascade" CJSC

Installed capacity - 404 MW

Produced electricity in 2017 - 934.558.255 kWh ("Settlement Centre" CJSC report)

Vorotan HPP cascade consists of 3 hydropower plants constructed on the Vorotan River in the region of Syunik and are supplied by river and stream water. HPP Cascade consists of Spandaryan (76 MW), Shamb (171 MW) and Tatev (157 MW) HPPs.


Small hydropower plants of Armenia

The development of small hydropower plants (SHPPs) has been a success story in Armenia over the last two decades. As of the 1st of July 2018, the PSRC reports 186 small hydropower stations with installed capacity 360.4 MW which is currently generating electricity; 33 SHPP’s are under construction with a total projected capacity of 63.2 MW and 222 million kWh electricity annual supply. According to the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia (N 1300- Ա from 8 of September 2011), plants with less than 30 MW of installed capacity are considered small hydropower plants (SHPP).

In 2017 the generation of electricity from SHPP’s is approximately 844 million kWh which is 11.4% of the total generated electricity in Armenia (total generated electricity is approximately 7409.4 million kWh). In 2017, renewable energy resources have a share of 31% of the total balance of generated electricity in the Republic of Armenia (total generated electricity from renewable resources is 2255.1 mln kWh).

Small hydro energy is the most developed among renewable energy resources in Armenia. According to the Hydro Energy Development Concept of RA (accepted on 29 of DEC 2016),  main targets in developing small hydro energy have mostly been achieved. There is still progress and opportunity for new capacities as well as new important challenges for repowering stations, raising productivity and development units in accordance with international technical and environmental standards.