Regional Integration

One of Armenia’s most important factors for energy sector development is regional integration.

The Republic of Armenia has been a member of the CIS Electric Power Council since 1992. The 47th session of the CIS Electric Power Council took place in Yerevan in 2015.

The Armenian and Russian governments have signed two agreements aimed at extending operational status at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant until the year 2027.


Construction of Power Transmission Lines:

Agreements have been reached with KfW Bank, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank for the modernization and new construction of infrastructure and transmission lines. The construction of 400 kV power transmission lines linking Iran, Armenia and Georgia is of great importance and in the eyes of many, a crucial step towards regional integration.


Electricity Market Liberalization:

Framework on the liberalization of Armenia’s electric energy market and the promotion of interstate commerce was presented to the Government of the Republic of Armenia through program-schedule of events, jointly developed with experts from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

On February 7th, 2018, the RA National Assembly adopted the RA Draft Laws on Amendments and Addendums regarding energy, licensing and the RA Law on State Duty. With the adoption of these decisions, the process of liberalization of the RA Electricity Market was registered.