Geothermal energy

The planet’s internal heat is an abundant, inexhaustible source of energy. Studies have discovered several potential locations, three of which have shown the presence of volcanic magmatic hearths through geophysical research.

"Jermaghbyur" Geothermal Platform

This site is located at the "Bugurchay" upper stream of the Jermaghbyur River near Sisian, at an altitude of 2650-3000m. Geological and geophysical research suggest the likely existence of high pressure (20-25 ccm) hot water reserves (up to 250 C) at a depth of 2500-3000 meters.

"Girdzor" and "Karkar" geothermal platforms

These platforms can be-found 7 km’s southwest of "Jermaghbyur", in the waterbed of the Syunik mountain range at an altitude of 2750-3100 m. Funded by the RA state budget and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, geophysical studies for the "Girdzor" and "Karkar" geothermal platforms have been completed.

Other sites with geothermal potential include Sisian, Mount Vayots, Lake Akna, Gholghat, Mukhan, and the Nuclear Power Plant of Armenia.

Biomass Energy


Biogas potential in Armenia is approximately 135 mln m3 of annual output. The sector is in its initial stages of development and is attracting interest from foreign investors.


The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2), assisted by the World Bank and Global Environment Facility grants, has organized a study on the "Assessment of Bioethanol Production, Potential Utilization, and Perspectives in Armenia". The studies results show potential long-term assessment of 30,000 tons annual production which constitutes 10% of annual petroleum consumption in Armenia. The study suggests utilizing certain agricultural crops for efficient production: gooseberry, corn, and raw cellulose.