Installation of electric car charging station in Lori

09 Oct 2019

A charging station for electric vehicles will be installed next to the Regional Administration building of Lori

On October 9th, 2019 a Donation Agreement was signed between the "Armenian Energy Agency" Foundation, represented by the General Director Tigran Harutyunyan, and Lori Regional Administration, represented by the Head of Lori Regional Administration Andrey Ghukasyan. According to the Agreement the Foundation hands over the ownership for a charging station for electric vehicles to Lori Regional Administration in the framework of the "Promotion of electric vehicles in Armenia" ( Project. 

The agreement will promote the development of the energy sector in Armenia and increase the number of electric vehicles within the country. During the meeting, it was mentioned that two more charging stations are planned to be installed in Lori - near the road station in Spitak and in Alaverdi.