Energy Efficient Public Property - A Possibility

25 Jul 2019

The draft Law establishes mandatory energy efficiency criteria for some energy-consuming products purchased for state needs.

In July 11, 2019, the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure has put forward the draft law on additions and amendments in RA Law on "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy"

The current law sets out general requirements for the circulation of energy-comsuming devices and equipment, it does not include requirements for energy-efficiency characteristics. Consequently, the state has incurred considerable losses in acquisition and operation of low-efficiency assets.

Products acquired to meet the state's needs will meet the established energy efficiency standards.

  • Energy-efficiency labeling and label form shall be defined by the legislation adopted in accordance with the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia and/or by Government Decisions;
  • The list of goods subject to labeling, the mandatory requirements for energy specifications, shall be set by the Government of the RA in accordance with the provisions of the Procurement Law;
  • The label is regarded as a quality certificate that is a component of the product purchase.

Following the adoption of the proposed law, the state will not only provide long-term energy savings, but also encourage the dissemination of energy-efficient technologies.

This step will also contribute to the implementation of international agreements on climate change and environmental protection. Armenia will gain readiness to meet the challenges of introducing the relevant technical regulations of EAEU and will clarify its position on some of the commitments under the RA-EU comprehensive and extended partnership agreement, namel the harmonization with EU directives.

Energy Efficiency policy is an essential factor for the country's energy security, while increasing economic competitiveness and reducing the negative impact of the surrounding environment.