Berdavan frontier village is LEDified

13 May 2019

On May 5, Berdavan frontier village in Tavush region was LEDified in the frames of the "Bright Border" project.

On May 5, in the framework of the "Bright Border" charity project, households of the Koti frontier village in Tavush region were each provided 5 high-quality, 3-year-warranty LED lamps. On the whole, 4480 LED lamps were provided to 896 families. The volunteers team of 35, with the Armenian Energy Agency correspondents, personally visited the families and placed the energy efficient lighting, sharing their knowledge on energy conservation and efficiency.

Before the main process, in a Round-Table discussion, the AEA team discussed the challenges of the RA Energy Sector, the importance of energy efficiency in facing them, and the role of LED lighting in fighting energy poverty. The "Bright Border" project was presented with its goal and objectives. The talk resulted in idea generation with various possible solutions. The administrative head of the village, Felix Meliqyan, and the head of Noyemberyan enlarged the community, Karen Abazyan, were present at the discussion, assisting on the execution of the project and sharing their knowledge on the village and its prideful route. Koti borders Azerbaijan in 38km length, across from Mazam Gharakhlu, Sash Salakhlu, Alpout, and 4 other villages, in a bit distance from the city of Ghazakh.

The local governors and residents of the community were present at and assisted with the LEDification, sharing about Berdavan's history, challenges and heroic past. Berdavan (formerly Ghalachha) is located in Tavush region, several hundred meters from the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

The team of volunteers included students from educational institutions that in March to April took part in the training series "Energy Saving and Efficiency: The Role of the "Bright Border" project" of the Armenian Energy Agency. The participants represented the Shirakatsy Lyceum, the National Academy of Sciences International Scientific-educational Centre, PhysMath school after A. Shahinyan, Armenian National Polytechnic University and High School et al. The team also involved volunteers from previous LEDification events.

The volunteers were proud to be a part of such an initiative. have their input in the execution of the project, to have the chance to share the knowledge they gained during training and were proud to get acquainted with the lifestyle, challenges, and stories of frontier community residents. Most of the volunteers who were visiting a frontier village for the first time made friends with the local children; they were especially impressed by the powerful spirit of the villagers, their patriotism and loyalty. Most of them expressed interest to revisit with other initiatives in mind. 

The residents of Koti were grateful and happy about the project and the attention it would attract. Hopefully, they noted, that the LED lighting would ease their financial burden. The Bright Border project aims to LEDify 37v frontier communities, most of which are already completed. 

Communities were selected in accordance with the RA Government Decision from January 15, 2015, N 30-N "On Approval for the List of Border Communities with Lands Not Useable as a Result of Combat Operations and whose Activities are Tax Exempt".

"Bright Border" was launched on November 2016 as a volunteer-social initiative. Since June 2018, this charity program has been coordinated by the Armenian Energy Agency.

From December 1, 2018, until May 31, 2019, the "Bright Border" project will be executed with the sub-grant implemented in the frames of Bridge4CSOs project led by AGBU in partnership with EPF and funded by the European Union.

The partner of Bright border project is ''Young Engineering Association'' NGO.