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Clean energy investment in developing nations slows down as China pulls back

17 Dec 2019

Emerging Markets Outlook 2018 finds: Coal burn surged to a record high in 104 emerging markets

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400 MW solar power projects are becoming a reality in Armenia

30 Nov 2019

One of the largest renewable energy companies "Masdar" will implement solar energy projects in Armenia

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The EU co-financing programs summary event

28 Nov 2019

"EU4 civil society. Energy Efficiency in Armenian Communities" project's summary event took place

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One more border village Sevkar has been ledified

09 Nov 2019

Within the framework "Bright Border" charity program implemented by "Armenian Energy Agency" foundation one more border village has been ledified

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High-level Meeting in Luxembourg Takes Electromobility to Next Level

12 Nov 2019

Optimization of electromobility processes through dynamic pricing and digital technologies

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Educational-entertaining event in National Polytechnic University of Armenia dedicated to The Day of Nuclear Technologies

26 Oct 2019

Armenian students got acquainted with nuclear technologies

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