PLUG.AM: Promotion of Electric Vehicles in Armenia

Date: 01-11-2018 - 01-05-2019

Increased mobility is indeed one of the positive trends of the 21st century. However, comfort and efficiency attached to this trend are accompanied by damage to our environment. In this context, the use of Electric vehicles (EV) is a popular development which offers an alternative solution to the issue of pollution.  



Despite the global trend, only 33 EVs were imported to Armenia as of November 2017. While many Armenian drivers understand the problem and are ready to switch to environmentally friendly means of transportation, conditions are not appropriate as there is little to no charging infrastructure in place or government incentives provided.



The main objective of the project is to import and install a minimum of 23 charging stations in Yerevan and the regions. This would facilitate the import of EVs to Armenia and, decrease the amount of emissions caused by traditional engines thus addressing the problem associating with air pollution.



  1. Air Pollution reduction in the capital and communities;
  2. Policy recommendations;
  3. Raising awareness among the population