Efficient use of solar energy in non-gasified communities

Date: 16-11-2018 - 16-04-2019

There are approximately about 280 communities in Armenia which lack natural gas supply. The inhabitants of these communities use wood for heating water and other ineffective methods. Household utility expenses in rural communities comprise of 30% of household budget expenditure. A special program for the use of solar technology in non-energy-intensive communities has been in play since 2017, with a flexible financial component.

Energy poverty in non-targeted communities is one of the main obstacles to its development. Current technologies such as solar PV stations, solar water heaters and energy efficient LED lamps can provide reliable solutions to this issue. However, residents are generally unaware of the above mentioned solutions and the options available for acquisition.
The main objective of the project is to create an effective methodology for raising awareness and capacity building on energy-saving and renewable energy technologies that can also be used in other non-gasified communities.
1. Awareness and capacity building for energy efficient and solar solutions in at least 40 non-gasified communities;
2. Conducting a public awareness campaign on available opportunities;
3. Reducing energy poverty, reducing costs, with clear indicators.
4. Accessible information tools to apply for financing options for beneficiary entities;
5. CO2 emissions reduction in carbon dioxide;