"Family to Family" charity initiative during the holidays!

Date: 21-12-2018 - 13-01-2019

Within the "Bright Border" project the Armenian Energy Agency foundation launches the "Family to Family" charity event during the New Year’s holidays with the slogan “Donate Energy Efficiency to families in frontier villages!”

This initiative provides the opportunity to gift a tool for energy-efficiency to Armenian families living in frontier villages with high vulnerability.



  1. To participate, you need to purchase 1 or more “Family to Family” coupons;
  2. 1 coupon = 5.000 AMD = 1 home LEDified;
  3. 1 coupon ≥ 1․800 AMD monthly energy saving ≥ 21․000 AMD annually;
  4. Number of coupons available: 1 to ∞;
  5. The donor receives the nominal coupon(s), with information of both families attached.

Periodic updates on the official Facebook page of the "Bright Border" project and the "Armenian Energy Agency" foundation official website will ensure a high level of awareness, transparency and accountability.

LED Lamps

  • have a 3-year-long warranty,
  • can be used for more than 10 years,
  • provide ≥ 80% energy efficiency, compared to regular lamps,
  • ensure high-quality lighting,
  • have high quality characteristics,
  • have undergone laboratory testing.

Within the “Family to Family” charity program you can donate by

  • Online purchase (press the “donate” button)
  • Bank transfer (account details in the following link)

Donations can be made as either a natural person, or a legal entity.