Research and Development in Clean Energy Technologies

Date: 01-10-2018 - 01-10-2018

Since the Soviet era, Armenia has boasted exceptional labor capacity for the engineering sector. The main testament to this is the rapidly growing IT sector in Armenia. When looking at the value chain of clean energy technologies and the comparative advantage Armenia has, human potential can develop competitively on a global scale.

The human development in Armenia should accelerate through the educational system and the development of R&D activities. 

The Solar Energy market is rapidly developing across the globe and in Armenia, with plenty of potential for growth in this sector.

The program aims to study all past projects in the sector, understand the bottlenecks and devise a model that will attract both institutional and private sector capital. There is vast, untapped potential in this sector and for the first time in Armenia’s history, there is a chance to capitalize and monetize Research and Development in the Renewable Energy sector.